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Hello world

Das Ergebnis der Bemühungen, welches ihr in der Grafik oben bewundern könnt, ging schon vor ein paar Wochen durch die Blogosphäre. Wer sich nicht mehr daran erinnert, hier der Link zur Website von Martin Kleppe und zum "Spinning globe embedded in JavaScript code". Über die Entstehungsgeschichte dieses abgefahrenen Stücks Code berichtet er ausführlich in folgendem Vortrag:


Entwurfsmuster (JS)

Persistence Layer

wtf? Ich habe ja schon viel Mist gesehen, aber davon höre ich zum ersten mal:


The oldest project I have to work on began in the year 2000. Back then, a team of programmers started a new project by evaluating different requirements, thought about the workloads the application will have to handle, tested different technologies and reached a conclusion: all the PHP code of the application, except the index.php file, should reside in a MySQL database. Their decision may sound outrageous today, but it was acceptable twelve years ago (OK… maybe not).

They started by creating their base tables, and then other tables for each web page. The solution worked… for a time. The original authors knew how to maintain it, but then each author left one by one–leaving the code base in the hands of other newcomers.

Today, no programmer can understand this archaic system. Everything starts with a MySQL query from index.php. The result of that query returns some PHP code that executes even more queries. The simplest scenario involves at least five database tables.

Aus dem empfehlenswerten Artikel: Evolving Toward a Persistence Layer